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USLacrosse Notice regarding protective eyewear for girls
by posted 02/11/2020

Cinnaminson Lacrosse Notice for Parents:  

Below is a notice from our national governing body, USLacrosse, regarding girls eyewear. According to Cascade, US Lacrosse, and others, the new ASTM standard took effect 1 January 2020, but will not be enforced until 1 January 2021.  

Therefore, anyone that purchases goggles CLAX recommends making sure that the ASTM 3077-17 stamp is on the goggles.  The list of goggles by manufacturer and model are in the link below.




All legal eyewear for youth (US Lacrosse) and high school (NFHS) women’s lacrosse must be Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) certified to the current ASTM 3077 performance standard, which helps ensure player safety. 


All protective eyewear products legal for play in 2020, including headgear with integrated eyewear, are listed on the SEI website. This standard was first included in the 2017 US Lacrosse rulebook for implementation in the 2020 season.


The primary concern for US Lacrosse is the health and safety of the athletes and we believe every effort should be made for players to be equipped with eyewear that meets the latest safety standards. The original mandate required for protective eyewear meeting the ASTM standard was established in 2003. ASTM and SEI are independent organizations that develop performance standards and certify products. US Lacrosse has no monetary stake in the equipment certification process.


Q. Where do I go to find the listing of approved eye protection models?


A. Click on the link below to go directly to the SEI website page: https://www.seinet.org/search.htm#query=lacrosse&section=hidden-us_lacrosse,hidden-eye_and_face_protect_sports,hidden-48-65,hidden-48_266-65,hidden-188-103


While there may be SEI certified eyewear that does not have an SEI mark on the product, US Lacrosse encourages all players and consumers to purchase equipment with the mark included as it ensures adherence to SEI certification. The SEI mark is required for 14U and younger (US Lacrosse youth) play. 


If you have a product that you believe is certified, but does not have the SEI mark, please contact the manufacturer for clarification. 


Q. How long will my eye protection meet safety requirements?

A.  Manufacturers determine the safe and useful life of the equipment they produce, but all ASTM standards are reviewed on a five-year cycle. 


Q. How does this impact my insurance coverage?


A. At this time, your US Lacrosse member insurance will not be impacted by this circumstance. Enforcement of the rules on the field are in the hands of coaches and officials. There is always increased risk when rules are intentionally ignored or not followed.


Please direct all questions to: Caitlin Kelley, Women’s Lacrosse Director, P: 410-235-6882 Ext. #108.

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