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SJYLL Girls: COVID-19 Coronavirus update
by posted 03/13/2020

Message from our SJYLL board regarding COVID-19 impact on SJYLL Girls' Program.

SJYLL Boys are expected to have a separate announcement soon.


To Our Member Clubs, Parents, and Other Stakeholders,

My name is Douglas Sell and I am the President of the South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League (“SJYLL”) for our girl’s league.  Everything in the below letter will be in reference to our SJYLL girls’ league/teams; it does not have any bearing on the SJYLL boy’s teams.

In response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the SJYLL girl’s officers would like to communicate the following to all of you:

1.    Our Icebreaker Tournament, scheduled for this Sunday, March 15, is canceled.

2.    The US Lacrosse Level 1 coaches training for March 14 is canceled.

3.    All member clubs will make the decision for themselves, on a week-by-week basis, whether they will conduct their practices and games (see below for more detail on weekly games).

4.    Unless mandated via a ban from the State of New Jersey, or another governmental body, SJYLL girls will continue to operate under our normal schedule, which was published in Zebraweb last week.  

5.    Handshake lines at the end of games will be prohibited for the 2020 season.  In lieu of handshake lines, teams can say a cheer communicating respect and thankfulness for their opponents, coaches, officials, etc.

It is our understanding that in an abundance of caution, some school districts are planning to close (or have closed) their facilities for extended periods of time, which includes their sports fields.  This could cripple the ability to practice and conduct games on the weekend for certain Member Clubs.  Some Athletic Associations have issued blanket moratoriums for all sports teams within certain municipalities in South Jersey with either a date-certain to reevaluate or have left the decision open-ended.  In light of all this, the officers for the SJYLL girls’ programs have decided to leave the decision of participation, on a week-by-week basis, with the Member Clubs.

From an operational standpoint, our Member Clubs should treat this outbreak of COVID-19 like a weather-event; every Thursday by 5pm host teams will be required to confirm the game location and time (assuming they have not been prohibited from playing by the Member Club’s governing body) with both the visiting team coach(es) and referee(s).  This has been SJYLL’s policy from the founding of our league and it is more important than ever that we abide by this policy.  If Member Clubs do not have field availability, are prohibited from playing, or simply do not feel safe, then games must be cancelled, and these cancelations must be communicated immediately on a case-by-case basis.

We wish everyone a happy and safe lacrosse season.  

Douglas H. Sell, Jr. 

SJYLL President (Girls League)


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