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South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League



[Below webpage version is abridged to show information applicable for coaches and parents]


1.    League Membership

1.1. Board

1.1.1. The board consists of a representative from each of the member club’s boys and girls programs.

1.3. Member Clubs

1.3.1. Clubs (Clubs, Parks & Recreation Programs) that are Members of SJYLAX are considered to be independents organizations.

1.3.2. Each club must choose a single high school to determine player eligibility.  

1.3.4. Each club has exclusive league rights to all players whose residence qualifies them to attend the high school.

1.3.5. Each Member Club is self-governed

1.3.6. All players and coaches on Member Clubs must be a member of US Lacrosse with an expiration no earlier than June 15th of the current year. It is the responsibility of each club to verify membership.

2. Team Alignment

2.2.1. Borrowing Players. You can play up, but you can not borrow players from a higher bracket or age to play down.

2.8. Tournament Breakdown:

2.8.1.  Both boys and girls U15A, 14UA and U13A, 12UA will play Championship format. All other teams will play Festival format.

3. Cancellation of Games

3.1 Once the league provides the Final Version of the schedule, all games are FINAL.  No changes to the schedule can be made unless a game is cancelled due to weather or both coaches agree.  If both coaches do not agree, the game must be played.  IF the game is not played, the team that cancelled will be given a 1-0 loss.

3.1.1 In the event a game is cancelled due to weather, the home team must reschedule the game no later than Thursday of the following week for the boys.  For the girls, the game should be made up within 1 month but prior to May 15th of the playing year.  The home team must offer 2 distinct dates and times for the make-up game.  If the home team fails to follow this procedure, the fine for the home team’s club will be $50 and forfeiture of the game.  If the visiting team fails to follow the reschedule procedure, the fine will be $50 to the visiting team’s club. 

3.1.2.  Games cancelled within one (1) week of the scheduled game date (other than cancellation due to weather) will be deemed a forfeit.

4. Player Qualifications:

4.0. Player qualification is based upon the high school for which the player would play for based on their primary residence.

4.0.1. This over rides any private, parochial or other type of enrollment.

4.1. Member clubs must declare this High School in their application.  Players who live in areas with no member club are encouraged to play for the club closest to their residence.

4.2. Recruiting of players without lacrosse in their high school to play for clubs other than the clubclosest to them is discouraged.

4.3. Players who wish to play for a member club other than the one designated for their residence they must petition the league and approval from the executive board is required.

4.4  If an Out of Town player’s home municipality starts a program, all players will be required to play for their new home program.  The only exception being an 8th grade player that has played at least 2 years with the previous club.



It is the intention of the league that the rules of the game set forth in the current version of the NationalFederation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Lacrosse rules be followed; with the following exceptions, changes and adjustments:

5. Rules The Game, Field, and Equipment

5.1. The Game

5.1.1.a. Boys: 10 players per side. If one team does not have 10 players to start the game they shall report the game as a forfeit; However after forfeiting, and if both coaches agree, the game can still be played as a scrimmage with as few as 7 per side on the field, or teams can loan players to each other to make up ten. 

5.1.1.b. Girls: 11 field players per side plus 1 goalie. If one team does not have 11 field players to start the game, then that team will have the option to play the game with less than 11 field players, or forfeit;  The opposing team is not required to play with same amount of players as the team playing short-handed;  

5.1.2. If a forfeit occurs, and if both coaches agree, the game can still be played as a scrimmage with as few as 7 per side on the field, or teams can loan players to each other to make up eleven. 

5.2. The Field

5.2.1. It is assumed that all facilities have fields and goals that meet the  NFHS specifications for boys, and US Lacrosse for girls. Any field that does not meet these specifications shall notify theleague one week before the first game. If it is deemed by the competition committee that thefield is not playable the organization will be forced to rectify the situation, forfeit or play theirgames away until the issue is resolved.

5.3. Equipment

5.3.1. HFHS guidelines on jersey specifications will not be enforced. Home teams are responsible for contrasting jersey colors and will wear pinnies or helmet covers, if needed. For the second game of a Round Robin, the first team listed on the schedule shall be considered the home team, and shall wear pinnies or helmet covers if needed. The host teamshall provide pinnies. 

5.3.2. Rib pads are strongly recommended for boys.

5.3.3. Mouth Guards – Having a mouth guard on a strap will prevent    swallowing, losing or forgetting mouth guards for boys. Girls’ mouth guards must be any color,  and not clear or white.

5.3.4. Girls must wear eye protection or goggles meeting the ASTM certification for women’s lacrosse (F803) and have been certified by an accredited testing facility (listed on the US Lacrosse website).

5.3.5. Home teams will be required to supply NOCSAE stamped games balls. A minimum of 4 end line balls and 4 sideline balls on each line should be supplied.

5.3.6. Ball color as permitted by US Lacrosse – white for boys and yellow for girls.

6. Game Administration

6.1. Spectator Seating- These rules are intended to protect the spectators from injury as well as prevent verbal abuse against officials, coaches or players and to prevent circumvention of the coaching limits.

6.1.1. Spectators and fans will be placed on the opposite side of the field from the table and bench areas. If the field is laid out in a manner that does not allow spectators and fans to be located onthe far side of the field, the referee can waive this requirement.

6.1.2. When stands or seating facilities are not provided on the opposite side of the field, spectators,fans, and parents will observe the 6-yard spectator limit line on the far side of the field.

6.1.3. Violations are not per individual, but per team. 1st Violation – Warning and request to move by the spectator’s coach. 2nd Violation – Spectator ejected from game, technical foul against spectators team. 3rd Violation – Spectator ejected from game, 3 minute non- releasable penalty against spectator’s team.

6.2. Game Personnel – These rules are intended to allow for the appropriate number of coaches aswell as guarantee that key functions are being performed.

6.2.1. Game Officials Games played at the U7 and U9 for boys and 8U and 10U for girls level shall have oneofficial. A second junior cadet official may also be assigned but may not have soleresponsibility for the game.  All other levels will have two officials. Cadets may be assigned to any level, but should always be assigned with anexperienced official. No two cadets may work a game together.

6.2.2. Coaches The head coach will identify him or herself to the officials prior to the start of the game. It is the intention of the league that all coaching personnel have specific game relatedresponsibilities and duties beyond motivation and encouragement. The head coach is the sole communicator with the officials, opposing coaches, opposingplayers or spectators. violation of this rule in the opinion of any official by an assistant coach or other team personnel may be subject to ejection of theoffending person. Sincere praise and encouragement of players or officials is excluded from this rule.

6.2.3. Sideline Manager The home team will provide a sideline manager. This is a change in the US Lacrosse rules dictating a sideline manager fromeach team.

6.3.  Time Factors and Scoring

6.3.1. Length of Game Boys: All games at the U7, U9 and U11 levels shall be two (2) halves of 25 minuterunning clock with one timeout per half. Timeouts may not be used within the last four (4) minutes of any half. Girls:  All games at the 8U and 10U levels shall be two (2) halves of 20 minute running clock with one timeout per game. Timeouts may not be used within the last five (5) minutes of any half. Boys:  All games at the U13 and U15 level shall be four (4) 10 minute quarters with stoptime and two timeouts per half. Timeouts may not be used within the last four (4) minutes of any half. Girls:  All games at the 12U and 14U level shall be two(2) 25 minute halves with running clock and with one stopped clock timeout per game; timeout length= one (1) minute.   In the last two (2) minutes of each half, the clock will stop clock on every dead ball (whistle). Timeouts may not be used within the last five (5) minutes of any half. Girls - Running Clock Foul Administration. During a running clock, if a direct 8m free position is awarded at the end of a half then the following applies: End of 1st Half:  all 8m free positions are played out End of 2nd Half:  8m free positions will be played out at the end only if it makes an impact on the outcome of the game (If the game is tie or the team with the free position is losing by 1 goal then play out the 8m. It will not be played out if there is a two goal differential or the winning team has the 8m free position.). The following constitutes when the 8m free position has ended:

  • the player drops the ball
  • the shot is wide, deflected or stopped by the goalie
  • offense fouls
  • defense commits another major foul (another new 8m free position occurs Game lengths for tournaments shall be determined by the tournament format.

6.3.2. Intervals There shall be a 5-minute interval between the first and second halves.

6.3.3. Scoring In the girls’ game, the point differential cannot be greater than 10.  If this occurs, there will be a $100 penalty given to the club that goes over the 10 point lead. In the girls’ game, when there is at least a 4 point spread, the decision to draw or gain possession after a goal is given to the team that is down.  When the differential is less than 4 points, the draw automatically takes place after each goal.  This rule does not apply to 14UA girls’ teams who will continue to take the draw regardless of the point spread.

6.3.4. Sudden-Victory Overtime Sudden Victory shall only be played for the championship divisions (12UA and 14UA) in tournament play. In Sudden-Victory Overtime, the teams shall play one period of four minutes runningclock. The game ends upon the scoring of the first goal. If neither team scores, a tie is declared. The tournament committee shall establish tournament overtime rules

6.4.  Facing Off/Drawing

6.4.1. In any game and at any point during a game when there is a four-point lead, the team that isbehind will be given the option to receive the ball at the midfield line in lieu of a face-off /draw aslong as the four-point lead is maintained. This rule does not apply to 14UA girls’ teams who will continue to take the draw regardless of the point spread. 

6.4.2. For Boys, if a team is trailing by 4 points or more, and commits a personal foul immediately priorto, or after the leading team scores a goal, the trailing team will not be given the ball at midfield.The penalty shall be enforced after the goal, and the two teams shall face-off.   For Girls, if a foul is committed by the team that is trailing by 4 or more goals after a goal is scored by the team that is ahead, then the team that was fouled is awarded the ball at the center regardless of the 4-goal advantage.

6.5.  Advancing the Ball

6.5.1. For Boys, there shall be no counts to advance the ball in the U7, U9 and U11 levels. NFHScounts apply for U13 and U15 levels.

6.6 Body Checking for boys is not permitted in the U7, U9, and U11 divisions.

6.7.  Goalie Penalties – For Boys, If a goal keeper receives a time serving penalty, the penalty time shall beserved by the offending team’s in-home player unless the penalty is for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, inwhich case the goalie shall serve the penalty and the officials shall stop the clock to allow the exchangeof goalie gear.  For Girls, a goalie is only pulled off the field for a penalty if her team has a dressed goalie on the sidelines.  Otherwise, another player is designated and removed from the field to serve her penalty time.

6.7.1. Play will not be suspended in order to return the goalie to the field after the penalty has expired. After the penalty has expired the clock will be stopped following the next goal by either team to allow for the exchange of goalie gear and the normal goalie to return to the field.

6.7.2 For girls, goalies are required at the 14U, 12U, and10U Divisions, goal size will be 6' x 6'.  8U will play with no goalies and cages turned.

6.8.  In the U7 and U9boys and 8U and 10U girls grade Divisions there are no man-down situations; insteadthe player must be substituted for and the ball awarded to the other team at the point of the infraction.The player who committed the penalty must serve the penalty time in the penalty box.

6.9. Substitutions

6.9.1 All substitutions will be on the fly and abide by NFHS rules.

6.10. There will be no one handed stick checks at any level in youth lacrosse.

6.11. Two Pass Rule-this rule does not apply to 12UA and A/B, 14U A, A/B, B.

6.11.1 For Girls at the 8U, 10U and 12UB age levels, two (2) passes, not counting goalie clears, must be completed before a shot on goal can be taken.   If the goalie steps out of the goal circle, thereby becoming a ‘field player’ her pass to another player would count towards the 2 pass rule.  Once 2 passes are completed and the ball is in the attack zone (below the restraining line) and a change of possession occurs, the defense must clear the restraining line to re-instate 2 needed passes should another change of possession occur.  e.g. Team A gains possession of the ball.  Team A makes two passes and gains the offensive zone they are now eligible to shoot on goal.  Team B gains possession either via save/missed shot or good defensive play and Team B fails to clear their restraining line before Team A regains possession, Team A is eligible to go straight to goal and is not required to make 2 passes.   If Team B clears their restraining line then Team A regains possession, Team A is now required to make 2 passes.

6.12. Offsides - For girls at 8U and 10U with 7 field players, 2 players must stay back behind the restraining line.  A team will be considered offsides if they have more than 5 field players on their offensive or defensive ends.

6.13. Standings

6.13.1 For championship divisions, all teams must play an equal number of games.   Standings will be calculated using a points system awarding two (2) points for a win and one (1) point for a tie. Standings and earned points will only be awarded to the league scheduled games. “Pick-up” or “non-league scheduled” games will not be counted in the standings.  Should multiple teams end the regular season with the same amount of points, the standings will then be determined by the following tie breakers in this order:

a)    Winner of any head to head games played between the tied teams during the regular season.

b)    The team with the lowest totals goals scored against them.

c)    The team with the highest amount of goals scored. 

7. Disciplinary Actions

7.1. Ejection

7.1.1. Players illegally playing down to any division will be: 1st offense, suspended for one game 2nd offense, suspended for the remainder of the season. The coach of the team using an illegal player shall be suspended for two gamedays, and that team shall become ineligible for any play-off, titles, or awards.

7.1.2. Players ejected from a game for any reason shall not be allowed to play in the next twoleague games. This does not include the game the player was ejected from. There is no appeal. For girls, when a red card is issued the player must sit the remainder of that game, and the following game.  Player must be present on the on team bench to serve the penalty.

7.1.3. Coaches ejected from a game for any reason shall not be allowed to be present for the next two league games. This does not include the game the coach was ejected from. There is no appeal.

7.1.4. The ejection policy does not carry over into games, scrimmages or tournaments outside ofthe South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League regardless of whether they involve teams within theleague.

7.1.5 If an ejection of a player or coach occurs during the last game of the scheduled regular season, the offending player or coach will be ineligible to participate in the SJYLAX tournament.

8. Game Termination

8.1. Officials will have authority to terminate a youth game in response to flagrant acts ofunsportsmanlike behavior by coaches, athletes, spectators, or fans.

9. Best Practices

9.1. Whenever possible: 

9.1.1. All SJYLAX programs should have access to an AED for all games and practices.

9.1.2. ALL SJYLAX Coaches should have the following: CPR and Basic First Aid Rutgers Safety US Lacrosse Level 1 Certification (required at U15A level, see 1.3.8.)